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With the join dialog pre-review patch released, I was expecting to make some changes when I received the feedback from the review but the requested review would change waaay more than I expected.

Reasonably, most of the changes was refactoring for a better functional cohesion and others for the UI scheme, which happened most, of course, because of my lack of expertise. It doesn't seem to be much, but it took me a week and thousands of revisions to finally get a nice and satisfactory patch.

After all those reviews, there was still some work to do at the same feature, things that I didn't predict while developing and for my luck, at least most of the times, somebody else pointed out.

This whole experience made me value the FOSS process of development and its code quality in a way that I haven't thought before Outreachy. All the changes that I made are agreed, explained and documented. ALL. OF. THEM. Which is pretty reasonable, since it's a software that can be accessed by anybody. Most of the professional development experiences that I had, never got even close to that process and believe me, it wasn't because of the lack of trying.

I don't want to sound like a prick but I'm constantly having the feeling that I'm learning from the best, it's such an enlightening experience that I wished that all coders out there had at least one time on their lives.

See you soon earthlings!