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So, I'm participating of the Outreachy program from December/2015 to March/2016 and I'm all excited for this! Outreachy is a program for under-represented groups who would like to contribute to a free and open source software project. Seems pretty cool, yeh?

During my internship I'll be working in Polari, which is a GNOME's IRC chat client. The work that I plan to accomplish on Polari is the connection/join dialog redesign, which we must be discussing the definitive design soon.

While the mockups aren't ready yet, at this first week, I was working on bug fixing and trying to catch up with GTK+. At this point, GTK+ is a little bit challenging for me, because I particularly never worked with this widgets paradigm before and sometimes it's tricky, at least for me, to understand all those signal stuff. Although, I think this kind of feeling is pretty human normal and my mentor, Florian Müllner, is always there to help.

At first I'll leave you with this. I intend to post here my thoughts about the program and project progress at a reasonable rate. See you soon earthlings!