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In the past two weeks I've been working to stabilise the current branch to leave everything settled for the Freeze.

The Freeze is part of the 6-month release schedule and consists of three freezes and the string change announcement period. This period of the schedule work in favour of GNOME contributors to help them coordinate their work (since there are many contribuitors out there) and to increase quality. Basically, everybody slow down the adding features work in order to stabilise the branch for the release.

But here comes a new challenge: I received this design to work on.

Join-room dialog redesigned.

It consists of the redesign of the join-rooms dialog, presenting the list of the channels that are available on the server. Such a nice feature to develop!

Buuut there's a not-so-good part, I need to get things done before the 3.19.91 which lands on 29.02!

Buuut why develop it now? Why not wait for the freeze? Simple. We want to have something new to show off ! :D

Better hurry right?! See you soon earthlings!