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I kept on bug correction while we are trying to pick a date between all these holidays buzz to discuss about the designs. Yeah, it sums up very well what was about my second week of outreachy.

However there's something bugging me. No matter how hard I try to solve as much bugs as I can, I can't get rid of the feeling that I'm slow moving and the difference that I'm making it's in fact a very tiny part of all that Polari needs. I know that all those bugs to solve aren't there waiting to be solved by me (it isn't even the point of this internship). After thinking and struggling for a while I came to this:

  • I want to contribute more;
  • I need to get better at contributing.
In fact, if I contribute more I'll get better at contributing. Likewise, If I get better at contributing I can contribute more. It's totally cyclic! The best thing about it? I already started!

For now this is the message that I leave for my future self: Just keep swimming doing the good work! See you soon earthlings!