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The past two weeks I've been implementing the new feature of polari (you can see the mockup at this post)

This is the pre-revision implementation:

Connection popover - Connected
Connection popover - Connecting
Connection popover - Connection error

Basically, I had to change an existing error popover and make it show in every status. To do this, I had to modify the code to update the status label when the connection status change.

My biggest challenge in this implementation was the user interface. I never implemented an interface with Gtk before and I found myself hitting the wall many times. The worst part was not knowing how to nest objects or which class to use do to something, most of the times I didn't even know where to look for a reference, fortunately, as always, I had guidance from my mentor.

For this implementation I created this bug. You can check the code and It's evolution there!

Next week I'll be receiving the revision and making possible fixes in order to get everyting done for version 3.19. See you soon earthlings!